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Paulo & Juliana are revivalists, working in the apostolic ministry over the last 17 years, traveling to more than 60 nations ministering, training and equipping churches and leaders in the Baptism of the Father's Love, Identity and Intimacy.


Their meetings are intentional, where this new dimension and sphere in the Holy Spirit generates a powerful anointing in extraordinary signs, healings and miracles. Aligning and challenging people to be in revival.


They are Senior Pastors of the Catch the Fire (Toronto Blessing) church in São Paulo, in the city of Piracicaba where they establish their local church.

They also mentor pastors and leaders in different countries and denominations, helping and enhancing each person's personal and ministerial growth.

Annually, they reach an average of around 1 million people reached through their Immersions, conferences and studies.


Paulo and Juliana have been married since 2007 and have 2 children from this relationship, Daniel and Helena.

Paulo & Juliana Calado

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Associate Leader / Director of Relations

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PO Box 253 | South Heart, ND 58655 

North Dakota - USA

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