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Maria works in the market of Guayaquil, Ecuador. We did evangelism in this area and on the day we went to do outreach, she told us about her life and that she needed to forgive people that hurt her.

That day when we were doing treasure hunts led by the Holy Spirit, we saw her from afar and we knew that we had to pray for her. The Holy Spirit moves in many ways even in the natural,

her face changed from sadness to joy.

After talking with her, we prayed for peace ,

forgiveness and joy in her life. 

Maria - Ecuador

We did evangelism in a neighborhood and we arrived at a very small house in which 8 people lived. The mom had a problem in her eye and her eyesight was blurry.

We prayed for the kids in the house  and they were filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, then they lay hands on their mom,she got healed and could see clearly. Praise Jesus!

Claudia had pain in her left arm and her arteries were clogged, during the ministry time in the church we gave a word of knowledge describing these symptoms; immediately she came to the front in faith, believing the Lord for her healing. After the prayer the pain was completely gone, not tingling in her arm.



Arturo was in one of the church services we ministered, he had a very severe pain in his leg which did not let him to stand and walk for too long, because the pain was constant; during the ministry time when the team prayed for the sick, Jesus completely healed him; Arturo was celebrating and praising God for the healing that the Lord did in his life.


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